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Á la carte menu


Chicken broth, homemade liver dumplings, noodles 59 CZK
Pumpkin soup, smoked salmon, pumpkin oil, crème fraîche 69 CZK
Creamy dill soup, mushrooms, potato, boiled egg 69 CZK



Tiger prawns, garlic, white wine, crispy salad, vinaigrette, baguette 235 CZK
Steak tartare, brandy, truffle oil, fried bread 230 CZK
Duck liver pâté, foie gras, pear, strawberry sauce, orange marmalade, toast 150 CZK
Platter of cheese variations and italian ham, ciabatta, basil pesto 165 CZK



Courgette and pumpkin spaghetti, sage butter, cherry tomatoes, garlic, pecorino 190 CZK
Pad Thai chicken noodles 215 CZK
Japanese shan shi noodles, pork fillet, fresh vegetables, bamboo 215 CZK
Creamy mushroom risotto, truffle oil, roasted pine seeds, grana padano 190 CZK
Tabouleh lebanese salad, spring onion, tomato, cucumber 190 CZK
Caesar salad, croutons, parmesan 150 CZK
Extras for the salad : +100 g grilled chicken breast +70 CZK
Extras for the salad : +100 g grilled salmon pieces +130 CZK
Extras for the salad : +100 g tiger prawns with garlic butter +140 CZK
Extras for the salad : +1 pcs fried egg +30 CZK



Roasted sirloin in sour cream sauce, homemade onion and bread dumpling, cranberries 210 CZK
Wiener schnitzel, mashed potatoes, cucumber 250 CZK
Crispy duck leg confit, moravian red cabbage, onion dumpling 250 CZK
Slow cooked lamb shank, madeira wine, smooth mashed potatoes, lamb gravy 310 CZK
Roasted sander, white wine, grenaille potatoes, beans, peas, olives, broccoli and radish 310 CZK
Confit of pork cheeks in dark beer, mashed potatoes with onion, grilled mushroom 210 CZK
Juicy pork tenderloin, potato ragout, mushrooms, red onion, cream, pepper 250 CZK
Chicken breast, courgette, prosciutto, potato gratin, cheddar cheese, violet carrot, basil pesto 230 CZK
Salmon and prawns, cauliflower purée, potato croquette with panko crust 360 CZK




Beef fillet steak with garlic oil and herbs 200g /390 CZK
300g /490 CZK
Rib –Eye steak with rosemary 350 CZK
Herb marinated pork tenderloin 200 CZK
Farm chicken breasts and thyme 180 CZK
Salmon steak with lemon peel and fresh dill 310 CZK
Brandy and green pepper sauce
Oyster mushroom and white wine sauce
Warm chilli sauce
Butter cowboy sauce



Roasted seasonal vegetables with fresh herbs 65 CZK
Baked baguette 40 CZK
Homemade chips 49 CZK
Roasted grenaille with garlic and rosemary 49 CZK
Basmati rice 45 CZK
Mashed potatoes 45 CZK



Grilled salmon pieces with mashed potatoes 149 CZK
Chicken nuggets with homemade chips and tartare sauce 129 CZK



Crème brûlée, vanilla ice-cream, homemade raspberry compot 85 CZK
Pumpkin cheesecake, chocolate roll, caramel ice cream, homemade cranberry compote 85 CZK
White chocolate mousse, strawberry sauce, chocolate, caramelised pecans, fruit 85 CZK


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